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Menu RiFF 1

The RiFF Menu is constantly evolving. If I see a new ingredient I must include it in the menu, or rather in one of the two menus that we have, because the tasting menus are key for us, this is where the essence of the RiFF can be found, that is to say, we write the tasting menus and later we include these dishes in the a la carte. The puddings are also inspired by seasonality, by the fabulous choice and quality of fruit that can be found in the market.



Marinated sea bream

with orange blossom and orange


Razor clams with Jerusalem artichoke and

camelina oil


Valencian rice with artichoke, tomato

and basil


Amber jack with black cabbage and chickpeas


Veal sweetbreads with

Sunflower seeds and organic egg yolk


Beetroots, white chocolate and coffee


Rhubarb with rosehips and rose

69 €

Winepairing 28 €

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