Cooking classes in the RIFF

Cooking classes in the RIFF 1

We are able to offer cooking classes in the restaurant kitchen to groups with at least 10 person. This is a workshop style class where I demonstrate the preparation of each dish. We have been organising workshops since 1993 when I ran The Angel Azul. These classes provided an ideal space for the exchange of ideas between my customers and myself. While I am cooking we can share our opinions, tips, tricks and ideas. This exchange of views has always been important to me. I try to transmit my knowledge as fully as possible, never hiding even the slightest detail or technique of a recipe, even looking for ways to make the recipe at home without some of the tools that are available in a professional kitchen.

The workshops start at 10am with coffee and pastries.
At 13.30 we have an aperitif and a snack in our shop Bueno Para Comer.
At 14h we serve the menu that we learned to prepare during the morning, cooked individually for each “student ” and paired with fine wines chosen by our sommelier Paquita Pozo. The course ends at around 5pm with dessert, coffee and sweets.
Price € 220 per “student”, all-inclusive.

Why not give a cooking workshop in the RIFF?